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As a family of servants of God, we seek to Glorify Him by offering our lives as living sacrifices, being intentional about engaging people with Christ and the Gospel, and using the talents and training He has given us through grace to proclaim the Gospel of Grace to those near and far.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Johnny Coull and His Boats

This is John Coull (pronounced "cool"). He's a former fisherman and a lover of the Gospel. And well, he is a pretty cool guy too. He builds model boats from scratch, piece by piece, and either sells them or races them. You should see how detailed they are. I really enjoy getting up in his attic (I have to duck) and checking out his latest creations. And I'm looking forward to catching a race soon!



  1. He also makes the best Fish Pie for our potlucks. :)

  2. Where's the "Like" button?? :-)

  3. WOW! I didn't realize he was so talented. Those boats are AMAZING! Daisha, YES he does make the best Fish Pie. I believe I could eat the whole platter. I look forward to next summer to partake again of the "Sweet and Savory."